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How to Get FREE Cloth Diapers

by julie on March 13, 2012

People are always asking me how I get Free Cloth Diapers or Cloth Diaper Accessories. Here are some of my top tips on how to get free cloth diapers!

1) Enter Cloth Diaper Giveaways (which I post all the time). Do ALL of the entries that you can for the giveaway because this increases your odds. This WILL be tedious and time consuming sometimes, but I have won over 20 Cloth Diapers and accessories this way! This means coming back each day for those daily tweets/entries. 

2) Diaper Rewards – A lot of Cloth Diapering Retailers offer diaper rewards, bucks or dollars for every X amount of money spent. Buttercup Baby offers Buttercup Bucks, Kelly’s Closet offers Diaper Dollars, Diaper Junction offers Stash Cash, and Kissed by the Moon offers Kissed Cash to name a few. Be sure to check with your favorite diaper retailer for rewards programs like these. I recently redeemed my Stash Cash for 2 Swaddlebees Covers!!

3) Some Online Retailers will give you a free diaper with a purchase over a certain $ amount! I try to mention these sales on my blog or facebook fan page when they happen! Kelly’s Closet offers a lot of Free diapers with any purchase over $39! Check out the latest Cloth Diaper Sales on the Sales Page!

4) Keep Your Eyes Open around the world wide web…I have gotten free cloth wipes because an Etsy retailer was trying to promote her products! All I had to do was pay shipping ($2)!

5) Cheap not Free – there are always Cloth Diaper sales around the holidays too (Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Leap Year, etc). The biggest sales tend to come around Black Friday or Cyber Monday! You should also browse baby websites too, occasionally I have seen cloth diapers go on sale for 50% off!! Sites to check out include:

6) Baby Registry – If you know you want to use cloth diapers for your baby, and family or friends will be throwing you a baby shower, set up a Cloth Diaper Registry with all the cloth diapers and accessories you need. While it won’t be free for the people buying, it will be free for you!!!

What are you tricks for getting Free Cloth Diapers?


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