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Applecheeks Little Bundle is Here to Stay + Giveaway

by julie on May 8, 2013

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Last summer I used the Applecheeks Swim Diaper and loved the fit, and was dying to get my hands on an Applecheeks cloth diaper since it does seem to be one of those “coveted cloth diapers.” But unfortunately hubby says I am on a Fluff Freeze which means no more cloth diapers for me. So you can imagine how happy I was when that the owner of The Cloth Menagerie wanted me to review her store and THE APPLECHEEKS LITTLE BUNDLE!!! Yeah!!!

The Cloth Menagerie is a cloth diapering store located in California that strives to teach families in the greater Los Angeles area how easy and fun cloth diapering can be. Christina, the owner, developed a passion for cloth diapering after her son was born. She has turned cloth diapering into both a business and an avenue for teaching other people about cloth diapers and the many misconceptions that they may have. The Cloth Menagerie carries many brands from low budget to Kawaii’s and prefolds to high end Applecheeks and Eco Posh fitted diapers. There is surely something for every budget.

While I was browsing The Cloth Menagerie, I noticed some speciality packages that caught my eye as well.

  • Economy Diaper Started Kit which includes both covers and prefolds. This is a great way to start cloth diapering on a budget.
  • Cloth Diaper Variety Kit let’s you try a variety of one size or sized cloth diapers. Plus if any of these diapers don’t work for you, you can get full store credit within 30 days.
  • Basic or Deluxe Accessory Kit which allows you to try some cloth diaper accessories including wet bags, pail liners, dryer balls, diaper liners, diaper rash creams, diaper sprayers, and much more.
  • Newborn Cloth Diaper Variety Kit let’s you try your hand at 9 different newborn cloth diapers to help you decide which ones you like the best. Once again, if any of these diapers don’t work for you, you can get full store credit within 30 days.

Packages always make things easier when starting out with cloth diapers because it gives you a good overview and feel for what you might like.

So in addition to all of these awesome features above, The Cloth Menagerie also carries Applecheeks. So now onto the review of our Size 2 Applecheeks Little Bundle with Microterry insert. But first, here is the basic stats on my model:

The Basics of the Model: 

  • 23.5lbs  Applecheeks1
  • 19 Months Old
  • 25th Percentile for Weight
  • 15th Percentile for Height
  • SUPER CUTE, don’t you think?
  • Lean/Skinny Build
  • Super ACTIVE
  • Average Wetter Normally, but he is teething so that leaves some extra surprises for me!



The Basics of the Diaper:

  • Pocket cloth diaper (mid opening) but can double as a cover/AI2 because the insert is safe to put against baby’s bum.
  • Come in 2 Sizes (Size 1: 7-20, Size 2: 18-40); These are approximate (see my experience below).
  • Comes with either a microterry or bamboo insert depending on the bundle
  • Unique HUGE envelope opening that allows for diaper to unstuff itself in the wash and easily be stuffed with multiple inserts.
  • Outer waterproof shell made of PUL.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Snug waist and leg elastics for a gentle, secure and “cute” fit.
  • Wide tabs prevent wing droop.


My Thoughts:

I must first start off by saying that this diaper is so soft!!! I kept wanting to touch it because both the cover and the inserts were heavenly. Probably one of the softest I have ever felt. In addition, I loved the way it fit in terms of the cute “ruffled” look on the legs and butt area, not to mention that the ruffling is actually an elastic that helps hold the diaper in place, but in terms of “cuteness” it wins!

My son is 23.5 lbs and the diaper I reviewed was a Size 2, which is the correct size according to his weight. The only problem I had was that the leg gussets did not grip tightly to his thighs because he is so lean. I only noticed it slightly at first, but after nap time, he woke up with some leaks down his legs. I should have known that this would happen, but just hoped it wouldn’t because I love everything else about the diaper! Applecheeks clearly states in their explanation of the Size 1 vs. Size 2 that they are approximate, and I find this statement to be true and can’t argue with the fact that they leaked. He might possibly fit on the tail end of the Size 1, but only for a little while longer.

In terms of washing this diaper, it was super easy and the insert came out in the wash as per the instructions. The mid envelope opening is the first that I have seen and makes a ton of sense because it is HUGE and SUPER EASY TO STUFF! I don’t have to worry about getting my hand caught in the diaper and “shimeying” it in. Love the ease of it! I also used this diaper out as an AI2. I liked that the insert could simply be placed into the envelope covered and once the sides were tucked in, the diaper was ready to go. I like having the flexibility to use it as a pocket or AI2.

You know I can’t do a review without mentioning how much I love the prints and colors!!! I can’t help it, I am a sucker! I love the Delicious and Wild Child prints as well as the choice of solid colors.

Overall, besides the leak, I love this cloth diaper. While reviewing it, my son was CONSTANTLY moving up and down the stairs as I tried to get a picture and it seemed to handle the rough movement well. I can’t wait until he fits into the Size 2 a little better because I have a feeling this will be one of my favorites, but for the time being, I added an extra insert and it fit a little better. The nice part about this diaper is that the pocket opening is so HUGE that even daddy can stuff the diapers. Another upside to the opening is that you can add multiple inserts and doublers easily for more absorption or even for use at night.

Where Can You Get One??

Add it to your Stash: The Cloth Menagerie has the Applecheeks Little Bundle in Microterry for $22.95 for either Size 1 or 2. If you would like the Bamboo Bundle the price will be $27.95 as bamboo is an all natural fiber and tends to be more expensive.

Win it for your Stash: The Cloth Menagerie will be offering 1 lucky reader their own Applecheeks Little Bundle. Giveaway is open to the US Only. Enter using the entry form below.

Plus, stay tuned because I will be posting a list of all the cloth diaper mother’s day sales this saturday!!! The Cloth Menagerie will be offering any order over $49 a free One Size Diaper (Smart Snugs) on both Saturday and Sunday (5/11 & 5/12). Yippee!!
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